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Take your life into your own hands and take the next step!

I look forward to accompanying you on your path to personal growth and professional success.

The Paliet
[il paˈliːɛt]

Go to the places that
you fear!

Pema Chodron

Welcome to the homepage of "Il Paliet" – a name that has its roots in Romansh and means arrow.

"Il Paliet" not only represents the precision and deliberate purpose with which the arrow moves forward, but also the power of change and development.

I specialize in coaching and advising people from the educational and social sectors and see myself as a guide and supporter both in a professional context and on a personal level. The arrow as the namesake reflects the orientation and pursuit of goals, be it in the educational sector, in the social environment or in individual growth.

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About me

With my many years of management experience in the education and social sector, I can offer you in-depth expertise. I draw on my various experiences as a school principal, in the asylum system, in extra-curricular care, as a vocational school teacher and in various positions in municipal administrations. My broad spectrum of activities has shaped me and given me a deep understanding of the challenges in various areas of life.

I would be happy to let you participate and guide the process at your pace.

“Between stimulus and response there lies a space. In this space lies our power to choose our response. In our response lie our development and our freedom.

Victor Frankl

My offer

Through lifelong learning and various training and further education courses, I have a wide variety of methods at my disposal. This enables me to respond to your individual needs and to provide you with optimal support in various life situations.

Training and further education in the following areas, among others:

Various management training and further education courses (Zurich University of Teacher Education, Institute of Applied Psychology,

NLP Practitioner

New authority

Nonviolent Communication

Organizational Development (Zurich University of Applied Sciences)

Practical trainer (College of Social Work)

Examination expert (Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training

various programs in mindfulness and bodywork

different coaching and consulting approaches (University of Konstanz, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, etc.).


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My consulting focuses on providing expertise and advice in a specific area to solve concrete problems or support you in decision-making.

I use my specialist knowledge to work out clear courses of action and solutions with you.


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My coaching aims to support you in achieving specific goals. It focuses on current challenges and future developments.

Through targeted questions, active listening and tailored techniques, coaching promotes your self-reflection and supports you in finding your own solutions.

Personal development

Image by D Jonez

In personal development, I support you in developing your individual potential, strengthening your self-confidence and promoting deeper self-knowledge.

This is done through self-reflection, defining life goals, applying positive psychology and targeted practices such as meditation and mindfulness.

“Il Paliet, Consulting and Coaching" – where professional support goes hand in paw

My therapy dog Ali, a lovable Lagotto Romagnolo (Italian water dog), brings not only fluffy joy but also a special contribution of companionship to our coaching and counseling sessions. Ali is a trained therapy dog with experience in interacting with different people.

With his sensitive and loving manner, he helps to create a welcoming atmosphere and helps to ensure that our sessions are pleasant and relaxed.

His instinct for emotional needs allows him to adapt to different people and provide a calming presence.

If desired and required, Ali can be actively involved in the coaching sessions.

Let's find out together how I can best support you. Contact me for a no-obligation discussion.

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

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The Paliet

Paul Schnoz

Consulting & Coaching

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